Digital images and Films, what’s the matter?

by Colette Tron

Je t’ai vue par Benoît Labourdette (4’09)

Eye machine II par Harun Farocki (15’46)

No cinema par Jérôme Joy ( excerpt 6’01) 

Les films du monde, 51 cinétracts par Frank Smith n°35 (3’35)

This proposition would like to contribute to a critic of digital images, from their conception andproduction to their diffusion and use. What is the purpose of these images, considering theirenvironment: technological, social, economical ones? Which politics support their aesthetics,if automation, artificial intelligence, big data and intensive calculation still allow a sensibledimension? To this goal, we will refer to the history of art and to philosophy as some possibilitiesto think and to interpret the role of technics and their functionning in the conception of images.And we will call to some artists and their art work as aesthetic and political positions, in relationwith historical and social context in which they take part as a critic of the making of images. Wewould like to have a practical and theoretical structure to think and to make some poetics foran art of making digital images, as an art of (hyper)control. This is a political project for a « noninhuman world »(B. Stiegler).