I have a dream

by Vito Alfarano (Duration – 11:00)

The video dance is inspired by the principles of Martin Luther King who had a dream: that all men could be equal and that people should not be judged by the color of the skin but by the content of their personality. The dream has not yet been accomplished: so much still needs to be done to accept the other, the different, the refugee, the one fleeing from misery, the civil war to arrive after so many sacrifices and so much pain on our lands considered as a new opportunity for live. The dream of these men and women with their children is a new life in a world where they are not yet fully accepted. Years later we realize how these words can be current today because this dream has not yet been accomplished and we are experiencing it in the first person with the problem of immigration. The performance tells the journey experienced by immigrants and all the difficulties encountered: thirst, hunger, torture, death and hope.