Panca Popolare Italiana

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by Werther Germondari

“Images of ‘Italian Popular Bench’ have been realized in approximately 6 years, since autumn of 2000. They frame the same park bench in Finanze Square, in Rome. Since the beginning of the new millennium this bench has given rest and shelter to hundred of persons, becoming a witness of the passage and the meeting of people of all etnies”. Awards: Naoussa Video Fest,Greece, 2008 (AUDIENCE PRIZE and SPECIAL MENTION of the Jury); MO>VIarte 2008(SPECIAL MENTION), Palazzo Spada, Vigonza, Italy; CortoSardo (SPECIAL MENTION), Sassari, Italy, 2008; VI CORTI giano Video Festival, Roma, Italy (AUDIENCE PRIZE), 2009; Clorofilla FF,Grosseto, Italy (BEST SHORT FILM PRIZE), 2009; Premio Max Cavallo, Massafra, Italy (BESTEDITING PRIZE), 2010; Noemart FF, Collevecchio, Italy (BEST DIRECTION PRIZE), 2010; VFestival Mediamix, Firenze, Italy (2nd PRIZE), 2011; Ambiente in Corto, Paliano, Italy (1st PRIZE/BEST SHORT), 2012. Twickenham Alive Film Festival, Great Britain (INTERNATIONAL AWARD),2013; Festambiente-Mondi Possibili, Roma, Italy (ORIGINALITY AWARD), 2014.