Restaging For The Time Being

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by Hang Li and Caroline Rosello

Restaging For The Time Being is the restatged documentation of a curated digital programme,For the Time Being (May 2019). Originally, For the Time Being was an experimental programme of photo-performance, conceived as a response to the everyday presence of social media. The project used Snapchat, an app devised to share intimate, disappearing images, as a central protagonist. In May, 2019, the project invited Agil Abdullayev, Feng Mengbo, Max Grau and Tamara Kametani and artist collective Agorama to reflect on the role of image sharing networks in their personal lives. In addition to the art programme, selected writers were invited to contribute texts that extend the themes of art production, memory and social media. The writings of Mediatheorist Katharina Niemeyer, curator Prayas Abhinav, digital curator and scholar Katrina Sluis,the winner of the teen-writing competition: Monica Okello and our artists can be accessed on In Video Vortex, the documentation, website and writings of Forthe Time Being will be shown to host discussions around the approaches, value and problems of curation, documentation and re-staging in the networked culture.