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by Di Hu The surveillance camera and the smartphone, one is passive and the other is active, represent two types of societies, disciplinary society and society of control as described…


STORY 3 & 4 – SCENES 1-9

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by Zlatko Ćosić A multi-narrative experience in nine scenes. Story 3: Scenes 1-9 captures months of the protestin relation to racial discrimination and injustice in St. Louis, USA. The visuals…

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by Irena Paskali Finally free - Escape from civilization - freed from all constraints. The mountain world, which is so hostile to life in the first place, immediately conveys a…

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I have a dream

by Vito Alfarano (Duration - 11:00) The video dance is inspired by the principles of Martin Luther King who had a dream: that all men could be equal and that…

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I Stalk Myself More Than I Should

by Sophia Braga (Duration - 13:26) There is a narcissistic aspect in surveillance which empowers internet users to monitor theirbehaviours daily, overcoming the fear of being observed. Sharing structured, rationalized…

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Auto Tune My Senses

by Samantha Harvey (Duration - 4:31) A video trying to comprehend the advancements of algorithmic tracking technology in a visualaccessible language, and what it means for the human within that.…

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Aim Down Sights

by Salvador Miranda (Duration - 7:30) Aim Down Sights (2018) is a short film exploring terrorism in gaming culture. The work exploresroleplaying, both as victim and as terrorist, the dedication…

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Error 500

by Rita Al Cunha (Duration - 1:44) ‘ERROR 500’ paints the mistakes and the systematic attempts to fix them. The movement isseen as a way out of a fragmented reality.…

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Mutilated Dreams

by Pedro Gomes (Duration - 10:22) Lost images in the night, pieces of dreams lost in the mind. We can create realities from this.Exp. 2019 – Brazil

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by María José Ribas (Duration - 2:03) SEISMOGRAPHICAL_ is a project that starts from the conversation with a unknown on Tinder.My profile image, and from which the conversation is generated,…

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