Torremolinos Match

by María José Ribas (Duration – 8:51)

In the decades of the ’60s and’ 70s, Torremolinos (a small city in the south of Spain) was oneof the main locations for a film genre that developed during the Spanish Transition, calledel destape (the uncover). The disappearance of Francoist censorship and the tourist boom,the confrontation between a local repressed morality and more liberated ideas and attitudesimported from other latitudes, led to the appearance of an audiovisual phenomenon based onan explicit body language and a sexist sense of humor.Torremolinos Match originated in the analysis of the erotic-affective relationships ofthese audiovisual productions. This new video proposes a reconsideration of these filmsbased on some of the most representative scenes of the genre, reflecting on rolesand codes of contemporary representation. In the new versions the female roles areinterpreted by male characters the intention was to invert the subject-object figures ofthe gaze, bringing out the absurd and caricature quality of the situations.